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Make-up and You?
You and Your Nails.
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You and your Make up | Nail Polish:

You and your Make up Nail Polish:

Nail Polish:
Nail polish or nail varnish is a type of cosmetic lacquer, which is applied to the nails. The nails can be of both of the fingers and toes. Nail paints are applied usually as ornamentation but also as protection.History:Historic records of nail painting start from ancient times in China and Egypt.

In China, some particular mixtures from flower are applied and are left to take effect through the night. The mixture gives a color to the nails ranging from red to pink. Nail paints were originally prepared from natural ingredients but, now-a-days nail polish are prepared from synthetic solutions and requires a special or particular type of solvent including acetone to remove the nail-polish.

Constituents:Most nail polishes are made of nitrocellulose dissolved in a solvent and either left clear or colored with various pigments.Nail polish makers have been under pressure to reduce or eliminate the chemical, which has been linked to testicular problems in lab animals and humans. Several nail polish manufacturers have agreed to phase out the chemical in updated formulations. Nail polish is stored in a cool place, such as a refrigerator, so as to avoid inconsistency if left in a warm environment.Nail polish in fashion:Women usually wear nail polishes.

They use it to paint their fingernails, toenails, or both.Traditional universal colours for nail polish are flesh-colored shades, red, pink. Nail polish may be applied as one of the many components used in the process of manicure. While applying the nail paint, never use a thick coat directly. Maybe, 2 separate coats one over the other might help to give the same effect with higher longitivity. To give a glittering and glittering look one may go for more than 2 coats of nail polish.

The nail polish remover is used to remove the older paint as well as the grease from older paint. The removal of grease helps in keeping up the newer nail coat for a longer period of time. Nail polish remover should be used occasionally as in once or twice a week so as to prevent the nails from drying. It’s better and recommendable to use nail paint removers with in-built moisturizers to keep the nails safe and in good condition. Try not to file the corners of the nails. This weakens the hold of the nail paint as well as the nails to its base.


You and your Make up | Makeup Removers :

You and your Make up Makeup Removers :

Makeup removers are very necessary for cleaning the skin from makeup. Women didn’t always think of water as a very good solvent to remove the make-up off the surface of the skin.

Many women with normal skin, used cleanser rather than water before going to bed at night for removing makeup from the surface of the skin. Rinse off cleanser for removing eye makeup and face makeup may not be appropriate. It contains a large amount of oil and doesn’t act useful for removal of make-up from the surface. People wearing makeup must have cosmetic makeup remover or various makeup removers available in the market.

Solvent that is very stubborn requires a solvent and removes mascara gently and can easily rinse off.The best method to remove makeup is that takes a few drops of cosmetic makeup removers on a cotton ball and gently use for removing makeup from the face. If one needs cosmetic remover without oil, can get easily from the market.

There are many cosmetic makeup remover products available with cheap to expensive in the market.One can use an oil free product of cosmetic remover to remove excess oil and dirt from the surface of the skin. One should use soft touch gently on the skin while removing makeup. For avoiding tear and wear, one should use gliding movement for skin. The skin will protect the natural tone and look health by using makeup remover regularly.Though you may be tempted to hop directly into bed after a long night, discipline yourself to remove makeup first so your skin can breathe and regenerate during the night. Don’t forget to remove your make-up every day!

Below are some tips.

Every night, before you go to bed, remove all of your make-up. Wash your face using a gentle soap and a washcloth. Don’t scrub too hard! If you scrub too hard, it can remove layers of skin and cause irritation.
If soap and water do not work, or if you wear waterproof make-up, try using a make-up remover. These have special chemicals in them that wash off make-up, but make sure it doesn’t get into the eyes.Tips & Warnings :If the preferred cleanser does not clean the surface, just try the suitable cleanser for your skin. Get an expert’s advice on the same.
Avoid washing off eye makeup with cleanser, as it's too harsh and drying for the area near the corneas. Do not use eye makeup remover to remove the makeup, particularly if you have an oily skin. This may cause breakouts in the skin

You and your Make up | Conditioner for hair

You and your Make up Conditioner for hair

Hair conditioner is a cosmetic product that takes care of the hair which improves the texture and appearance of the hairs. It is a reconstructs the hairs It is a creamy, moisturizing and detangling hair product used after using shampoo on the hairs. A conditioner nourishes the hairs and it does not clean the hairs.
A hair conditioner does not foam like a shampoo; a positive change in hairs is visible only after first or second wash. A conditioner contains various ingredients that are good for the health of the hairs like moisturizers, reconstructions, acidifier, detangles, thermal protectors, glossers and oils.

All these ingredients helps to hold the moisture in the hairs, strengthen the hairs, maintains the pH balance of the hairs, modify the hair structure, absorbs the excess heat from the hairs, bind the hairs, makes hair more soft and pliable.Types of hair conditionerThere are many types of conditioner that help to maintain the health of the hairs. Pack conditioner will help to make the hair heavy and thick, bind the hairs and forms a thicker layer on the surface of the hairs. Leave in conditioner shape the hairs, make it less prone to crystallizing, and provide a thinner layer on the hairs. There are conditioners that have qualities of both pack and leave in conditioners.

Hold conditioner will help to hold the conditioner in the desired shape. pH conditioners gives the hairs give a more compact structure and used to maintain the acidity of the hairs.Advantages of hair conditionerUse of hair conditioner after shampoo will leave the hair with the great feeling of soft, shiny and protected. After using hair conditioner one can smell a good fragrance through out the day and gives a good feeling. It makes the hair manageable even if they are very curly and long.

Straightners and curlers can be used with more ease after using conditioner. Maintains the natural colour of the hairs and keep it looking good. Conditioner recovers the hair damage caused due to sun, sand, hard water and pollution. It makes easy to clear all the knots in the hairs while combing and make loss of hairs very less.

nails, beauty and treatment | Buffing for great nails

nails, beauty and treatment Buffing for great nails

Good health is very much essential. Many things contribute to good health. Nail care contributes to good health. Take proper measures for nail care. You can buff your nails for making your nails look great. Maintain your nails and let them look attractive and beautiful without any harm.BuffingBuffing can get rid your nails of the ridges. Take care of rough edges also encourage the nails to grow. Buffing nails should be done slowly and gently. Vigorous buffing can cause thin nail and this could be very much painful. Buffing nails can increase the blood circulation to the nail bed. Buffing off the ridges also gives a smoother surface for the polish to stay on it. Actually buffing leaves behind a shine to the nails. The buffed nails cannot chip. Buffing nails encourages the growth of nails. Buffing also helps removing surface stains.Nail careBuffing is a very easy process. All you need to do is apply a little buffing cream to the nails. Buff in one direction. You can use a piece of chamois also, traditional buffer could be used. If you are using both cream and buffer then be very careful. Take care that you do not buff away too much of the nail. Excess of buffing can cause a burning sensation. This technique, buffing, can make the surface smooth. Moreover, it can offer a little shine to your nails. You might want to coat your nails with clear nail polish, while you are waiting for your nails to grow out. Buffing will give a smoother and a finished appearance. Buffing can be harmful only if you are not careful. Buffing actually is wearing away your nails, making them thinner and more prone to snags. Instead of polishing nails, you could go for buffing nails. Buffing nails is a natural alternative. It helps showing your natural pink nails also leaving behind a glossy shine on your nails. Buffing can increase the nail growth. The nail paint that you apply contains various toxic chemicals. These chemicals may strip off the natural oils off the nails, making them look dry and dull. It also leaves behind a yellow or orange tinge on the nails. If nail polishing is must, then better option is buffing between the nail polishing.

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